KDE Connect SMS App (First Evaluation)

Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since my last post and during this period I continued adding MMS support in KDE Connect SMS app. After the addition of MMS support in android app, My next step was to enable the desktop SMS client to allow users to reply to multi-target messages. I had some discussion with my mentors related to the structure of the network packets to allow sending multimedia files from android to desktop. Since the Attachment field should be an optional field and replacing the current packet type entirely was not feasible keeping in mind the backward compatibility for the desktop app. Simon suggested a nice idea of converting the thumbnails into Base64 encoded string and then adding it into the network packet. This solved the issue of replacing the entire method of pushing the messages to the desktop.

After successfully completing and testing the code on android studio, I added the support to receive and display the optional attachment object on the desktop side. The desktop side was mostly straight forward except transferring the QImage from C++ to QML but at the end I figured it out.

This brings us to my last task of this period i.e. requesting the original attachment file when a user will click on the thumbnail. The click event generates a attachment request packet and send to remote device. Android on the other side on receiving the request packet fetches the requested attachment file from the MMS database and send it to the desktop. Then desktop downloads the file and stores it locally for the future references.

This would not have been possible without the guidance and support of my mentors Simon, Philip, Nicolas and Piyush. πŸ™‚

Current Version (Only supports text)

NO Multimedia Support

New Version (Multimedia Support)

Next Step

Now my next task will be to work on UI of the app. Mostly the chat elements and other big UI changes will be coming soon with improved look and feel!

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