Media Player Integration into KDE connect SMS App, GSoC 2020

Hello everyone,

It’s been over two weeks since I posted last time. This is the fourth report for my GSoC project. Previous two to three weeks period, I spent working on integrating media player and image viewer into KDE Connect SMS app as well as changed and improved some of my previous implementations as pointed by my mentors. The project has reached the stage where the SMS app is able to receive and display thumbnails in the chat as well as user can request to view any original attachment file just by clicking on that particular attachment thumbnail and it will get opened inside the SMS app as well as user can open it in another multimedia application present on the desktop. Here’s a demonstration video of it’s working.

Now my next step is to enable SMS app to allow users to send supported multimedia files from desktop to android side from where it will be sent to the destination’s phone number. using klinker sms-mms library. In the next post I plan to show you guys a proper working SMS-MMS app which will not only allow users to send plain text messages but multimedia files as well. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Media Player Integration into KDE connect SMS App, GSoC 2020

  1. Can you please explain to me where in the world people still use MMS? 😀 In my whole life I may have written 1 or 2 as they are very expensive and have been become succeeded by messenger apps for a long time now. Just curious, where and for whom MMS are still important.

    Anyway, good job!


    1. Yeah, It’s true people don’t use MMS anymore as they are very costly, but still there are many business who use MMS, a good example could be mobile operators still use MMS to send their offers to customers. I agree it has very less usage but the work we have done till now, it will be useful to integrate more internet based messaging features in future reusing the current structure so this work is useful from KDE Connect point of view.


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