KDE Connect SMS App (First Evaluation)

Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since my last post and during this period I continued adding MMS support in KDE Connect SMS app. After the addition of MMS support in android app, My next step was to enable the desktop SMS client to allow users to reply to multi-target messages. I had some discussionContinue reading “KDE Connect SMS App (First Evaluation)”

Klinker library in KDE Connect Sms app

So today GSoC’s three months coding period officially begins. Last one month I spent bonding with my mentors and have tried to establish the prerequisites required for the rest of the project. My project for GSoC 2020 is to improve the MMS support to KDE Connect’s SMS app.During the community bonding period, the first challengeContinue reading “Klinker library in KDE Connect Sms app”

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